ubl and safepay to accelerate online payments

Safepay and UBL Partner to Accelerate Acceptance of Online Payments in Pakistan

One of Pakistan’s largest banks, United Bank Limited (UBL), partnered with Safepay to offer its services to retail outlets and SMEs. In an effort to establish a competitive edge for these businesses in the digital landscape, this agreement will be hugely beneficial.

UBL and Safepay announced a partnership to make it easier for businesses in Pakistan to go cashless. UBL will work towards building up a payment gateway platform and features that will enable retailers to accept more than just cash as a form of payment, such as credit cards and other popular online payment options. This partnership is especially important now with the advent of digital commerce.

Settlements are a crucial requirement for regulated payment providers, and Stripe partnered with Safepay to provide this service. The two companies operate in the same niche, so this partnership is a natural fit.

The Safepay Co-founders, Ziyad Parekh and Raza Naqvi, shared their goals on the occasion: “Our goal is to create a sustainable platform for Safepay while also ensuring that companies in Pakistan have a smooth and simple onboarding journey.

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We’ve seen major growth in the e-commerce industry over the last decade, and this is only going to increase in the coming years. “UBL understands this vision and we’re excited to partner with them in creating the solution that retailers need to get ahead of this new era,” they said.

Head of Digital Banking at United Bank Limited, Sharjeel Shahid, said, “UBL Digital believes in partnerships and creating ecosystem platforms, where we encourage new players in order to address the needs of the underserved.

You might have noticed that the phrase “e-commerce base in Pakistan” is repeated multiple times in the paragraph. The phrase should be italicized the first time it is mentioned, not every time.

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