PAF to Unveil Locally Made Stealth Radars for Fighter Jets

While the United States government was debating over the merits of building a border wall to prevent illegal immigration, Pakistan has been advancing its own technological innovations. The country is expected to showcase its newest defense innovation within weeks: an indigenously developed active electronically scanned array radar that is set to be deployed in both ground-based and airborne roles.

Pakistan has a new radar system, the Pakistan Air Force’s Air Weapon Complex (AWC) is developing it in collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology.

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Air-based or ship-based AESA radars are second-generation phased radar that allows the use of radio waves of multiple frequencies without the rotating antenna. AESA radars allow aircraft and ships to send out powerful signals while remaining nearly impossible to jam.

A few days ago, Pakistan was reported to be developing an Air Defense Electronic Sensor Architecture (ADESA) radar for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). This project will be developed from the Air Weapon Complex, an R&D facility of the PAF. The development process will also be in collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology.

There are a lot of new reports saying that the Indian Air Force’s new radar, which is expected to be completed within the next year, will use gallium nitride. There have been few countries that have developed this technology over the past few years.
AWC reportedly began designing two types of GaN transmit and receive modules in late 2019, one for the S-band and one for the X-band.

The S-band module is used in ground-based and airborne radars for target search and detection. The X-band module is associated with fire control due to its superior resolution.

The S-band module is associated with ground-based and airborne search radars, which are used for target search and detection. This module has different functionality than the X-band, which is associated with fire control, thanks to its superior resolution.

This new radar (a next-generation AESA radar) is expected to show up in the jaw-dropping JF-17 Block 4 fighter jet or the fifth-generation stealth fighter jet now in development under Project Azm.

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