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iPhone SE (2022) First Impressions: A Mix of Old and New

iPhone SE (2022) First Impressions: A Mix of Old and New

Apple has revealed the new iPhone SE in India. It is a phone that looks pretty same like the iPhone 6 that was launch  in Back to 2014. Initially, this may seem ludicrous as it is priced at Rs. 43,900 .

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new iPhone SE (2022). Its general appearance is identical to the 2016 iPhone SE. It has the same colour options. You can choose between Midnight (a deep blue tone), Starlight (a creamy white), and Product Red just like before.

Some customers might be disappointed in Apple for their prices. The Price of base model of the iPhone SE (2022) at Rs. 43,900 has 64GB of storage in india. The Price of  128GB  is  Rs. 48,900 and 256GB model price is 58,900.

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When it comes to talking about charging this phone, we’re spoiled for choice. Your Macbook or PC will charge the phone at up to 20W whilst a traditional USB-C charger will do the same. If you don’t have your charger handy, you can buy one of them. One feature that many smartphones at this price level don’t have is Qi wireless charging as well as not in android smartphones.

The iPhone SE (2022) is a throwback to the past. It was a popular phone when it came out back into  2014, but its 4.7-inch screen has been dwarfed by competing Android phones. Its blank space and physical Home button are relics from the old days.

The iPhone XS (2020) is easy to hold and use, slim, and light. It’s made of aluminum and glass, which are both durable materials. The IP67 rating means it’s dust and water resistant, making it a practical choice for all seasons. There’s  not something Special or Deifferent in this phone as  compared to the previous generation.

With the iPhone SE (2022), Apple is catering to a lot of people who want a cheaper phone but don’t want to settle for a less-than-stellar budget option. The screen is quite tiny, but it features high quality. One camera is on the SE, but Apple’s computational photography know-how should create great photos. It supports 5G, In India 5G is not available at that time.

You can capture Photos as Photographic Style by features in the camera with the help of A15 Bionic chip that we saw with the iPhone 13 series. Optical stabilization is a must for a good camera. The front-facing camera is lower resolution at 7 megapixels and it does not have 3D Face ID, but people might not miss this feature so much in the age of masking.

You’re not going to give up your iPhone just because the price is too high. There are ways to make it affordable. For example, in India, the new iPhone SE (2022) is still far too expensive. The iPhone SE (2020) should remain available for a while at much better prices (especially on sale and with offers). The iPhone XR (Review) also costs less and is still quite viable, thanks to Apple’s generous software update policies.

The new iPhone SE (2022) will be released in India this Autumn. It seems to be a bit out of place in India. It’s design is recycled and there’s not much “wow” when using it. The price is way beyond the budget segment and will have to compete with Android heavyweights and other Apple devices.

Apple has finally announced the new iPhone SE (2022). The full review will reveal how its SoC, cameras, and battery perform, so do stay tuned to Gadgets 360.



        Display of iPhone SE (2022): 4.70-inch
           iPhone SE 2022 Processor : A15 Bionic
                     Front Camera: 7 MP
                Back Camera: 12 MP
            Internal Storage: 64 GB
         OS(Operating System): iOS 15
                  Resolution:    750×1334 pixels         

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