ICAP responds to unfair means used in online examinations

ICAP responds to unfair means used in online examinations

Profit, a Pakistani publication, published an article titled, “Electioneering Damaging lCAP’s reputation, says Shabbar Zaidi.” ICAP responded to the article, stating that contrary to this report, they did not file any complaint against any employee, nor were any employees arrested by the FIA. They clarified that in fact, through the use of remote proctoring software on their online exams, they had identified some students who were using unfair means — technological tools — while taking the test. The students’ results were temporarily withheld and will be resubmitted once they prove they can answer all the exam questions correctly.

A spokesperson for ICAP, the company that oversees online test security, announced that an investigation into claims of cheating on the online tests concluded earlier this month. The teacher, alleged to have been involved in assisting students taking the test, has been detained. The person is not a member of ICAP and does not have any connection with ICAP.

The spokesperson also said that the inclusion of representatives from educational institutions and CPA firms on the governing council does not pose a risk to the independence and integrity of ICAP. ICAP has put in place strong controls to ensure that there is no outside influence on examination system policy making.

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