A New Channel Guide is Coming from YouTube TV 2022

YouTube TV is one of the best TV services on the market. Not only does it provide an affordable and convenient means for consumers to get access to their favorite shows, but it also constantly adds new features to better serve its customers. Just last week, YouTube TV introduced a new channel guide to offer viewers a picture-in-picture UI which will allow them to see what’s on in the background while browsing through the other channels they have access to.

A new era means new changes. YouTube TV has a new interface, which is refreshing and it provides helpful features. The interface is also navigable and since YouTube TV is a TV service, it has a guide that shows you what shows are playing on which channel. The guide provides a grid of the shows filling up the screen, but there’s also a channel guide to provide more detail.

Now, a new look is rolling out to give it more clarity and an open top. It’s open top shows you the show you have highlighted and its description. The show will be displayed with its title and description.

Today, more and more people are cutting the cord and relying solely on the internet for their entertainment needs. The team behind Netflix wanted to reflect this trend by making it easier to multitask while watching a show or movie. The app now displays what you’re currently watching in a picture-in-picture window, allowing you to browse through your library while still remaining engaged.

On the right side of this section, you’ll notice a thumbnail window. This lets you multitask by continuing to watch your current favorite show or movie while browsing for other options. The interface looks really good and makes the whole user experience more enjoyable.

To get the update, you might need to wait. If you don’t see it right away, go to the app settings and check for an update. On Android, tap and hold the app’s icon and go to the “App Info” section. From there, tap on “App Details” to see if you have the update.

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