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The 10 Best WordPress database plugins for WordPress users 2022: Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best WordPress database plugins in order to optimize your user experience and customer satisfaction? While there are many plugins available, it is important to review the most popular free and paid ones, as well.

Reason To Use a WordPress Database Plugins?

You store a lot of information in your WordPress database. Some of the things that get stored in your database are comments, posts, and user information. That’s just the beginning. WordPress stores plugin data, too. As time goes on, your database wil  cluttered by the passgae of time, Result may  slow down your website. But don’t worry! There are WP database plugins out there to help you optimize and clean up the clutter.


updraft plus

One of the most popular WP backup plugin is Updraftplus,Which is used by over 3 million websites. It helps you to make a complete backup of your WordPress site and store it safely in the cloud or on your computer. You can choose to backup your entire site and databases or select specific files. With the premium version of Plugin, you’ll receive more addons that allow you to migrate or clone your wordpress website. It will also help in search and replace databases.

Check out our new guide : How to Restore,Backup and Migerate WordPress site with UpdraftPlus Plugin?. You’ll learn how to create a backup, restore it, and update your site with speed.


Are you looking for all-in-one plugin for WordPress database optimization then WP-DBManager is best option. It is rich in features, yet beginner-friendly and does so much work for you. It will help you to  optimize your website  databases, fix them, and even create backups. Finally, it can delete these backups if you’ve created any.

The WP-Optimize plugin constantly works in the background to optimize your WordPress database. You just have to set up a few settings and then it will take care of the rest.


WPForms is the very Popular and  best contact form plugin for your WordPress website.It is competible with all versions of WP .It has a library of over 300+ templates with customizable drag and drop page builders.You can  create Form of any type like contact forms, order forms, or user registration forms by using Use WPForms Plugin .

Your customers want to be contacted. You want to contact them! This new era means that you need to find a way to offer them instant messaging with your brand. WPForms is an easy way to collect customer data, save it in your WordPress dashboard, and then make it available for you to use at your convenience. It’s like a frontend database of the contact information for all the people who have submitted forms on your site.

If you’re looking for a Complete Guide on how to store customer data from your WordPress form into your own database. You can connect your WordPress forms with any other software to help get the most out of your workflows and save valuable time.

Better Search Replace:

The Better Search Replace WP plugin is a valuable tool that can help with the quick find and replace, When you plan to migrate a wordpress website, it’s very important in changing the domain, the database, and other crucial parts of the site. With this plugin, WP users can easily generate new URLs and work to migrate their content.

Running a search and replace Plugin in WordPress is easy with this plugin. Not only can it run on a WordPress database, it supports advanced controls to select specific tables, modify fields before use Tables in Post and Pages. This plugin can even supports a Multisite WordPress network of websites, making it possible to migrate an entire network of sites at once.


WP-Sweep is a comprehensive plugin that clears out your Website database and assists in improving your wordpress performance. Your posts, comments, post revisions, uninstalled plugins can automatically clean up with the help of this plugin.

The database cleaner plugin makes things easy for you. You can choose to clean up your database with just a click. With this plugin, WordPress deletes the data from the database to avoid any mistakes.

Formidable Forms :


Formidable Forms is powerful software that allows you to create web forms and then display them on your website. Online forms are a great way to collect data and can be a valuable tool for businesses.

In Formidable  Forms the Views addon will allows you to display data in more than just a list. This is helpful for any type of real estate listings with detailed information, job postings with contact information, and much more.

If you want to see your data in your WordPress database, you can use the easy form creator plugin and seamlessly add data to your site. Moreover, You can create Frontend Datbase with the Help of this Plugin.

Easy Username Updater:

Changing your WordPress username is a simple process. Install the Easy Username Updater Plugin for free, and you can quickly change your existing WordPress username to something more appealing.

WordPress usernames can be tricky! If you’re interested in changing yours, this plugin is the solution. It lets you change your WordPress username from the WordPress admin panel.

Are you looking for a Complete Guide on how to change  WP-WordPress username?

 JetPack Backup (VaultPress):

When it comes to backing up your site, JetPack Backup is a popular plugin that was established by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. This plugin offers daily automated backups, which includes a full WordPress database backup.

This backup solution is also a WooCommerce-specific one-click solution. If you’re the owner of a WooCommerce store, your order and customer data will always be safe. Beyond just backups, you can also restore your entire site to a previous version with a single click.


TablePress is a great WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create beautiful tables without any coding. It’s got unique features like pagination, filtering, sorting, and more.

Have you already imported a table into your site? This new TablePress update lets you export your tables in CSV, Excel, HTML, and JSON format. You can even import your existing tables from other plugins! All the data for this plugin is stored in the WordPress database. Click here to see how to add tables to WordPress posts and pages.


Looking for the best search plugin? Look no further. SearchWP is the best WordPress search plugin, making it easy to improve website search and giving you full control over content ranking. It creates its own custom database to store and maintain its own search index, so you have access to all your data. This means that you can improve your content and create a better consumer experience.

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